Tradesman Registration

Your business details

Complete the step-by-step registration process, starting with your business details, you should use your genuine business name.

Your trade

Select your trade, this will determine what type of leads you are notified for on Clickatrades. We do not want to fill your inbox with unnecessary trade leads, we will only notify you about jobs that require a tradesmen with your skills, so it is important you only select the trades that you provide services for.

Your business address

Use the postcode lookup to find your business address, please ensure you use the correct address for verification and for receiving leads that are within your service area.

Your business coverage

Your business coverage, how many miles are you willing to travel to a job? Here you are able to determine how far away from your registered address that you are willing to work. You will only receive leads within the area you determine.

Your personal details

Your personal details, please ensure all of these are correct as these will be used for verification and for contacting you.

Your work documents

Identification: These documents need to match the name and address you entered on the previous step, if you do not have these documents to hand do not worry you can upload these at a later date.

Nearly done...