How It Works - Homeowners

Whatever the service you need for your property you can find the right tradesmen to do the job on ClickaTrades. Posting a job request is quick and simple, we will match you with tradesmen in your area to help with any service you need, you can start receiving quotes from tradesmen in no time at all.

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Step 1: Tell us about the service you require

Complete the details of your job requirement by using our quick and easy job posting feature. Writing a clear, detailed description and uploading images will help refine service provider candidates and match you with the perfect tradesmen.

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Step 2: We get to work

Our website will go through our entire database of tradesmen to match you with suitable candidates in your area who provide the service you require.

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Step 3: Tradesmen Apply

All suitable tradesmen in your area will be notified of your job and they will review and contact you.

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Step 4: Review Suitable Tradesmen

Tradesmen will contact you to discuss your project. Review their profile, reviews, and past work. If one seems ideal, click the “Contact” button to start your project.

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Request a Quote

Notify tradesmen directly if you'd like a quote. If one seems ideal, click the “request a quote” button. This notifies them directly that you'd like a quote.

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Step 5: Leave a review

After the tradesmen complete the work, please leave a review. It helps other members of ClickaTrades find quality tradesmen.